TEFL Teacher Training Courses in Thailand

Fancy living in an exotic country & working your way around the world?

We certify TEFL teachers monthly in Chiang Mai & place them in great jobs.

We’re hiring!

Apply to join our TEFL Training & Placement (TAP) program and we’ll subsidise the full cost of your training, place you in a good job and manage your first two terms in the world of ESL. It’s an ideal, hassle-free, entry into the world of TEFL, open to a few dozen lucky people each year.

Monthly courses, with fun adventure and cultural excursions, are also offered if you’re simply looking for an internationally accredited 120-hour TEFL Certificate. Our team has trained more than 1,000 teachers since 2008.

Teach your way around the world

Group of happy TEFL students in Thailand.TEFL is a popular way to see the world; demand for teachers is high and Thailand is an ideal place to start. Experience a fascinating new environment, travel during the school holidays and help nurture kids in some amazing places. The adventure and enchantment begins here.


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Training accredited by TEFL International.
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Checklist for becoming a teacher in Thailand.
What's it like to teach in Thailand?
Teacher in our Thai TEFL TAP Program.

TEFL TAP Program

Join the Training and Placement program and we’ll subsidise your training and send you off to a good job, managed by MediaKids to help you easily settle into Thailand. Designed especially for newbies.

TEFL Teacher Certification for Thai Schools.


Welcome to the world of TEFL. Everything you need to know about going abroad to teach English, and work your way around the world. Where are the jobs, how much is the pay, what certification is needed.

Graduates from our TEFL courses.

Thailand TEFL Courses

We run monthly courses in Chiang Mai as a certified TEFL International centre, fully accredited, with job placement & accommodation arranged, there’s no better place to take your 120 hour course.

Teacher helping a Thai student in class.

Teaching Jobs

The most important part. What sort of jobs will you land, and where are they? As a recruiter with 14 years experience we know how to keep the teachers and their schools happy. Good pay packages with fun and obedient kids.

Teacher lifestyle in Thailand.

Thailand Lifestyle

What’s it like spending a year in tropical Thailand? Find out what sort of life other teachers are experiencing, living here in Asia – a laid-back, cheap and charming life, where every new day surprises.

TEFL teachers blog.


Not sure if teaching is really for you, or what to get some experience before hand? Why not volunteer for a couple of weeks first, doing a good deed for kids in need. We have several options locally.

Are you ready to make the move?

If you have any questions about our TAP Program, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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