After a month of intensive training you can be certified correctly to teach English. For TEFL jobs there is no lengthy internship, and you do not need the teaching diploma usually expected of teachers worldwide. Such is the demand for ESL teachers, those with a general degree can enter the classroom as a specialist English teachers following the standard 120-hour course. This is what we put you through on the TAP program before you begin your teaching adventure.


Not all TEFL courses are equal, and there is no universal standardization, resulting in some very mixed standards of training. We have opted to run the TEFL International course to ensure all GoTEFL graduates are correctly trained with a globally recognized certificate, confident of entering the classroom as a new teacher. Good schools expect teachers who have had a thorough review-based training. Furthermore, we sincerely want to give you an excellent start to your TEFL careers when you have finished your contract with us.

Your TI certificate makes you part of the TI alumni network which can open doors to teaching jobs worldwide. It comprises of the mandatory minimum 6 practicums. Our team has been certifying TEFL International trained teachers since 2008, through our sister company, UniTEFL.


Course moderator – David Hopkins

Each course we run is monitored for standards by David Hopkins, the TEFL International moderator. He has spent more than 30 years in the ESL business, with a Master’s in TEFL and also Intercultural Management from the SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont. He reviews each of the course activities, monthly and is responsible for curriculum development.

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