The GoTEFL TP Only course is for those who are already TEFL qualified but do not have an accredited certificate and wish to obtain one, or for those with no practical training and want the experience in an authentic setting. You will join us for 6 teaching practices, allowing you to gain the TEFL International accredited certificate and practical experience teaching in a Thai classroom before heading out on your own. Online TEFL courses are very popular for their convenience. However, the most successful people currently teaching English as a second language abroad are those you studied in a classroom setting with practical hands-on experience. That is why although you may have a TEFL certification already, a teaching practicum course may be useful for those who don’t have prior experience or want to learn more about the culture of a Thai classroom. The cost of the TP Only course is $990, and you will join us in Chiang Mai during the last two weeks of the GoTEFL in-class course. During that time, accommodation will be covered. You will finish the course with a guaranteed job in Thailand through the GoTEFL TAP Program.

Upcoming Course Dates:


April 23rd 2018 – May 4th 2018

May 21st 2018 – Jun 1st 2018

October 15th 2018 – October 26th 2018

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