The 120 hour TEFL course in-class training is our most popular option, this hands-on training allows you to study interactively, build your confidence in a group setting and receive more personable training. The course will focus on helping you to understand how your students will feel when hearing a foreign language, how to manage your classroom, the steps to follow when conducting your lesson, various different activities, and Thai culture. The in-class training is designed to assist with cultural immersion to ensure that you are fully prepared not only in the classroom, but also in the community.

Upcoming Course Dates:


2nd April 2018 4th May 2018

7th May 2018 1st June 2018

1st October 2018 26th October 2018

*if the above dates are not convenient to your schedule, you may still sign up for one of our regular UniTEFL monthly courses

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