The TAP program is an innovative new approach to TEFL training and recruitment, designed specifically for those entering the TEFL world for the first time. Who needs the hassle of figuring out a strange new country, overcoming language barriers, and wasting time hunting for the right job? We’ve packaged it all up for you. What’s more, we’ve persuaded the recruiter to foot the bill for your TEFL training, saving you course fee.

Once you’ve decided to teach English in Thailand we take care of everything, hiring you in advance for an ideal first job, meeting you upon arrival, accommodating you for the 4-week course and arranging for you to transfer to your school.

Teacher trainees at our TEFL program in Thailand.

How does our TEFL program work?

The TAP is similar to an internship, except you are paid a full salary, and the employer subsidises your TEFL training to help you get started without much investment in your certification. Once accepted on the program you can relax, with the peace-of-mind that your arrival in an exotic new country will be stress free, without any uncertainty or job hunting hassle.

Currently offered only nearly every month start from March 2020, the program enrols dozens of new teachers for a month of intensive training on the internationally accredited TEFL International course – a certificate that will serve you well around the TEFL world.

The 4-week training is a great bonding experience. You’ll be joining two dozen other new teachers as we train and mould you into effective teachers. A bit demanding and intensive at times, the course is nonetheless a great confidence builder full of fun activities, with four visits to local schools for teaching experience. There’s no need to be nervous; mingling with these exuberant kids is an energising experience.

Where will I live during my training?

The centre and apartments are located not too far from the training place. You will have access to the atmosphere of the student bars and coffee shops, etc. Each trainee gets their own room in a comfy serviced apartment.

The program initially covers two terms with a minimum one-term (4 months) commitment, after which you are free to move on or sign up for a new contract with a 10-15 percent pay rise. During this time you are assigned an experienced teacher mentor and given support as you settle into teaching.

What kind of teaching jobs are offered in Thailand?

Thai classroom with qualified TEFL teacher.Our jobs are in good provincial schools, where you will likely have several other foreigners nearby for company and be provided with convenient and comfortable accommodation. For many, it’s a charming and authentic first experience of Thailand in the lovely countryside, free of big city intensity or overpriced services.

Unlike other internship programs there is no significant cost to join the program and your salary package amounts to $900 – $1,000 per month which is competitive with entry-level jobs in Bangkok. Most teachers are able to save considerably outside of the big city, and even earn extra by teaching privately after hours. The school year in Thailand comprises of a two month summer holiday and six week autumn break allowing you to travel.

Are you ready to make the move?

If you have any questions about our TEFL-courses, please feel free to contact us today and we will get back to you shortly.