Studying TEFL opens to many doors for you, allowing you to take your skills into any country and teach your way around the world. There is barely a school in the world now that doesn’t have an English teacher, and the demand for native English speakers is growing in Asia in particular. Tens of thousands of people already live and work abroad as English teachers. The best part of it all is the international demand, meaning you can move from one country to another with relative ease, usually with co-operation for work permits.

Teacher helping a Thai studen.Most TEFL teachers are ‘auxiliary specialist’ teachers, meaning you enter the classroom specifically to assist with English teaching. Often the students already have a local teacher as their English instructor, and you are responsible for working on pronunciation, the finer points of grammar and correct usage.

Some TEFL teachers assume full responsibility for the English teaching, and those in language schools teach extra-mural English independent of any help from a local teacher. Typically you will be working out of course books over a set curriculum, employing your own lesson plans that include exercises and games to help make the learning effective and interesting. A good TEFL course will teach you this.

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