Watch this space! We will shortly be posting details of several jobs we are looking to fill for the new term.

Thai classroom with qualified TEFL teacher.First, it’s important to get correctly TEFL trained, through a credible 120-hour in-class course. Recruiters do pay attention to the type of TEFL certificate you have, and it could mean the difference between landing a plumb job, or hunting for ages. Ultimately, a well trained TEFL teacher, who has had the benefit of practicums in real Thai schools, will excel at the teaching interview in front of the kids. This is why GoTEFL puts its new teachers through the TEFL International certification offered by UniTEFL.

Our partner, MediaKids, hire some 200 teachers every term to join those who remain on the program, and they choose the best. In return you are guaranteed a competitive salary, with a housing allowance and accident insurance. They also assign you a mentor to help with curriculum, resolution with the school if there are misunderstandings, and of course the full paperwork for your work permit and teaching licence which is important.

What sort of jobs?

Typically, you will be placed in a government or private school in a provincial town, teaching from 08:00 to 16:00, floating among various classes comprising about 40 kids each. Ages vary between 6 and 18. There will likely be several other foreigners teaching alongside you in the school. Of course, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to supplement your income by teaching private lessons after hours.

The contract is per-term, in the case of the TAP one term of four months. Work permit and the option of state health care are part of the contract and all salaries are managed by MediaKids for peace of mind.

Already qualified and experienced?

We’re interested in hiring you for these jobs, on a full salary of up to 34,000 baht per month (inclusive of housing benefit), if you have a proper TEFL (sorry, online TEFLs not generally accepted), and preferably some experience. For those interested in an authentic Thailand experience out in the provinces away from the expensive lifestyle and distractions that tourists and expats blow all their money on, then this is an ideal job, with very competitive salaries.

See some current MediaKids vacancies.

Jobs around the world

TAP teacher standing in front of school chilren in Thailand.Thailand is a good place to settle into the teaching world, the salaries aren’t the highest by any stretch but it’s an undemanding job and the environment is relaxed, with cheap services.

If teaching is your vehicle to work around the world, or you prefer to earn more, there are many other opportunities elsewhere. As a TEFL International alumni (from the TAP training course) you are entitled to lifetime access to their network of 30 centres in 22 countries worldwide to help with finding a job locally. Brazil, China, and Spain are some such places.

With some experience you can earn up to $4,000 a month in the Middle East, Korea and Japan, with positions advertised on ESL sites online, though these are not the most comfortable places to live abroad. Some TEFL teachers make a career out of it, returning home to teach English in their own home country.

A note on job hunting in Thailand

In Thailand you will want to apply for the best jobs in order to earn sufficiently to fund your travels, so it’s advisable to have a well respected TEFL certification and some experience on your CV. As a new teacher you will find most the opportunities in Bangkok, although it can be quite a heady and intense city to start out in. It’s unrealistic to imagine you can arrive in Thailand and land a job at the beach or in Chiang Mai, those are snapped up by teacher’s who’ve been here some time.

You’re also advised to take a formal job in a proper Thai school, one that has a track record of ensuring their teachers are correctly authorized with a work permit. The easiest jobs to land are those in language centres, but the hours are erratic, and the are shoddy with the paperwork.

The provincial jobs are a good option if you’re up for the adventure of living in a smaller Thai town, since the demand remains unfulfilled and you can expect a competitive salary – on par with Bangkok but with much lower living expenses. However, as a rookie teacher you will find a managed solution, like the GoTEFL TAP program a good idea.

There are several websites online advertising jobs, be wary of agents who have no reputation for good manpower management.

Are you ready to make the move?

If you have any questions about our TAP Program, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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